Welcome to Olive Restaurant

Olive Restaurant, operated by Pure Angel, is nestled in the dazzling ambience of Sveti Stefan, in the shade of centuries-old olive trees, right next to what is, according to many, the most alluring Montenegrin beach, and overlooking the peninsula built up in the 15th century. Today Sveti Stefan represents one of the most luxurious hotels in the Balkans, attracting many world-famous celebrities.

Olive Restaurant offers its guests a diverse menu suitable for every occasion, whether a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner, or intimate celebrations, birthdays and weddings.


Elegant interior and appearance

The Mediterranean setting is enhanced by a charming
view of the island of Sveti Stefann


Pleasant and professional service

The watchful eye of our maître d’ ensures
that you’ll feel right at home


Extensive selection of delicious food and beverages

Our master chef has taken great care to bring together the freshest Mediterranean cuisines on our menu

Recommendations from the menu


(Served until 13:00)

Muesli with yogurt / milk and candied fruit 4,5€

(candied fruit, powdered sugar, fresh mint, muesli)

Spring onion / leek and goat cheese omelette 6€

(eggs, onion, sour cream, ajvar, cherry tomato)

Scrambled eggs with black truffle and smoked ricotta 11€

(eggs, black truffle, truffle oil, ricotta cheese, sour cream, ajvar, cherry tomato)

Scrambled eggs with vegetables and gouda 6€

(eggs, zucchini, bell peppers, arugula, champignons, eggplant, gouda cheese, sour cream, ajvar, cherry tomato)

Club sandwich 8€

(toast bread, tomato, lettuce, pancetta, chicken fillet, mayonnaise, egg, ketchup, potato wedges)

Prosciutto and cottage cheese omelette 7€

(eggs, prosciutto, cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, ajvar, sour cream)

Main Courses

Chicken fillet stuffed with shrimp mousse, topped with creamy estragon and morel sauce 22€

(chicken fillet, shrimps, olive oil, garlic, estragon, morel, heavy cream)

Lamb shank with potato puree, lamb sauce, demi-glace and thyme 25,5€

(lamb shank, thyme, potato, milk, butter, asparagus, garlic, demi-glace sauce, parsley)

Lamb burger with potato wedges 11,5€

(minced lamb meat, potato wedges, dinner rolls, parmesan, mint, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, cherry tomato, bbq sauce, ketchup, eschalot, garlic)

Osso Buco (veal shank) with homemade pesto, demi-glace and rosemary sauce, served on saffron risotto 26€

(osso buco, arborio rice, saffron, demi-glace, rosemary, caper, butter, parmesan, homemade pesto, cherry tomato)

Veal medallions with aromatic potatoes, goose liver sauce and demi-glace 30€

(veal fillet, potato, thyme, demi-glace sauce, goose liver, butter)

Ribeye (dry aged) served on morel risotto with a green pepper and demi-glace sauce 26,5€

(ribeye, arborio rice, morel, butter, parmesan cheese, green peppers, demi-glace)

Chocolate souffle 6,5€

Hazelnut parfait 6€

Drunken pears 5€

Sweet temptation 6,5€

Olive dessert 6,5€

Fruit platter 8,5€

Hot Beverages

Espresso coffee 2.2€

Macchiato 2.6€

Espresso Lungo With Milk 3€

Cappuccino 3.2€

Coffee Latte 3.2€

Americano Coffee 2.6€

Private Events & Celebrations

We invite you to celebrate the most beautiful and the most important life events in our restaurant.

Beautiful nature, delicious food, restaurant’s comfort and surrounding of the island Sveti Stefan will give a new dimension to your event and make your moments more memorable.

With our impressive photos you will always be able to recall dear memories. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Events at the restaurant

From our guestbook

  • When I look at these marvelous landscapes, an inevitable thought flashes through my mind—that God certainly had a whale of time while creating such beauty.

    - Stefan Mitrov Ljubiša